Checkout discounts: 15% for orders more than €250, 30% > €500, 50% > €1,000 (excluding VAT and already reduced products)


1 Are the products offered in the online shop in stock?

The finished products are not in stock, they are all made tomeasure.

2. How does the order process?

First, you select the desired products: you can use thesearch by entering search terms such as “wall clocks”andselect the product from the list. Man can also search bycategories and tags. After selecting the product, itisconfigured. For watches, for example, you choose thebackground, the dial, the hand and the second handandadd the product to the shopping cart. Following the samescheme, you order other products, go to thecheckout, enter your personal data, select the desired paymentmethod and place a chargeable order.

3. What happens next?

Afterwards, your chosen product will be manufactured andtested.

4. When will the delivery take place?

The ordered product leaves our production within onemonth of ordering.

Shipping & Returns:

1. Which countries do you ship to?

We deliver worldwide.

2. Can the products be returned?

As the products are made to measure, a return is notpossible.