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The product configurator

A smarter way to get exactly your product

The Christoffson product configurator offers you the opportunity to put together your own individual product with just a few clicks.

We have 4 product lines for hunting targets , each with 40 different motifs. You can choose from 40 matching frames, the text color in black or white and 2 texts of your choice. If we multiply all these parameters, we have 25,600 variants of hunting targets. We do not know of any provider with such an offer.

For trophy boards we have 3 product lines, each with 40 bases and 10 cuts. That’s 1200 different models. Almost everything is included in this selection: light, dark colours, local woods, exotic woods, substrates with creative designs, modern cuts, classic cuts… We don’t have carved boards and those that are cut out of a board – there is already enough choice on the market.

The wall clock series Victoria offers a selection of 18 animals, 40 light-colored backgrounds, 40 dials, 23 hands and 7 second hands, a total of 4,636,800 variations. No warehouse can store so many wall clocks.

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