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Huge selection at Christoffson

1,000s of variants with the product configurator

Christoffson probably has the largest selection of wall clocks available today. This has to do with the fact that we do not produce for stock in advance and can therefore only store a limited number of products. Rather, we provide a variety of selection criteria, such as colors, designs, dials, hands, motifs, backgrounds …. available and you can then combine them as you like. For example, with the wall clock series “Victoria” we offer 18 animal motifs, 40 colored backgrounds, 40 dials, 23 hands, 7 second hands for free combination. That results in a whopping 4,636,800 possible combinations.

Because of the one-off production and the high-quality packaging, the unit price is a little higher than usual, but you have a unique product with a very good quality. By the way: if you order something more at once, we make discounts of up to 50% in the shopping cart and then we are back with the people in terms of price.

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