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About our printing technology

Years of experience and state-of-the-art machines in use

We imagined printing on wood to be easier when we started printing 2 years ago. We faced various problems:

  • the translucent grain and knots of the wood, which in portraits has sometimes resulted in serious disfigurement of the subject
  • the change in the print result due to the color of the wood
  • the not very nice surfaces after printing
  • the unsatisfactory overall impression of the printed plate – you couldn’t say “wow, that looks great”
  • the tearing of the wood when cutting – in further processing

After intensive research, visits to trade fairs, contacts with manufacturers and printing tests, we can now proudly say that we have now arrived where we wanted to be. This is our concept with which we satisfy customers:

  • We print on poplar multiplex wood from Italy; that is right on our doorstep and we have short transport routes
  • The surfaces are coated with white melamine paint, the quality of the print on it is comparable to the print on paper
  • In order to have a print that lasts, the surface is plasma treated and primed
  • When it comes to printing technology, we rely on modern Mimaki UV printers, but there is also a manual screen printing machine in our workshop
  • For further processing, we use CNC and trained hands

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